• UO Your Room: A Simple Makeover with Angie and Matt Sayers

    Based in Denver, Angie and Matt Sayers show us how they update their space with a few new pieces from UO Home.
    Photos by Angie and Matt Sayers

    Meet Angie and Matt! They share a home together in Denver and have effortlessly mixed their two styles into one cohesive, cozy home.

    Above: Umbra Oversized Mirror

    Angie uses mirrors to help make their space look bigger than it is (and to help light reflect around their bedroom). Using it above a dresser gives her an added vanity space as well. To keep things from looking too crazy, store things you don't use every day and only keep out what is needed. Think of it as a controlled chaos.

    Above: Carson Multi-Use Shelf

    To display more items, install a simple shelf on your wall. Unsure of what to display on it? Think about showing off one of your collections. Group similar items together, even if it's just by color. This will help give your shelf a cohesive feel. Or, as Angie did, you can never go wrong showing off some plants. (Just make sure they can get the sun they need.)

    Above: Neon Mfg. Neon Heart Table Lamp
    Above: Cactus Pillow

    If you're unable to buy a full bedding set, think of a theme to work around and go from there. It's easy to quickly refresh a bed with a handful of new pillows. Angie and Matt went for a cozy, desert theme and were able to find a few comfy bed pillows that fit into that.

    To update their bedframe, they wove a strand of string lights through the headboard to quickly give their bed a cozier feel. Easy!

    Above: Fuji Instax Film

    Another easy update: Instax and clothespins make a great wall hanging. The combo is inexpensive and fun to hang up, especially if you do something color-coordinated. This set-up also helps keep your memories organized.

    Above: Wilder California Prickly Pear Tapestry

    Tapestries everywhere are a great option for those who aren't interested in starting a wall art collection (or dealing with frames + putting holes in the walls). Tapestries can also be hung up with putty or Command velcro, doing minimal damage to the wall but covering a big area.

    You can also update your bedroom by creating a DIY tapestry canopy using a few different tapestries and some push pins. 

    Above: Cactus Landscape Tapestry

    In lieu of a new comforter or duvet, you can also throw a tapestry on your bed like a blanket to further help switch things up. Angie's cactus tapestry matches with the rest of the desert vibes in her room.

    To see more from Angie and Matt, follow them on Instagram and check out their blog Two Sayers
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