• UO Music Video Series: "Roof Gone" by Taylor Bennett

    UO is proud to introduce the latest exclusive from our UO Music Video series: The official video for Taylor Bennett's "Roof Gone," directed by Austin Vesely. Scroll on to watch the video and read our behind-the-scenes interview with Taylor. 
    Photos by Lyndon French

    Walks us through the creation of “Roof Gone”.  Is the song’s narrative based on personal experience? 
    It's a narrative based on one of my past relationships. It's about me being an artist and a girl that clearly likes me based off of all of those things, as well as the exact right reasons.

    Just when you feel you're finally at a point where you think you have a connection with someone, you see her gazing at somebody bigger, an idol or star.

    That's why it’s "wake up in the morning with the roof gone/she's star gazing from afar,” because when I say star, I mean artist. I'm sitting right next to her and she's staring at something that's further away. It is harder for her to grasp something that she thinks is more interesting than him.

    What’s the vision behind the video for “Roof Gone”? 
    The vision is to keep the concept as close to the track's verses, as well as creating a new visual narrative on what could've been seen or what could've been assumed by hearing the song. I think they both work very well together, you can watch the video on mute and still enjoy. The video came out very clean and I'm sure it will turn into a classic. I'm very excited for the release. My boy Austin Veseley directed it and definitely knocked it out the park.

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