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UO Look of the Week: Hannah Harbour

Here's our favorite look of the week:  We spotted the UT Campus store's newest hire, Hannah Harbour, standing side stage at the UO Backlot Sesh and couldn't resist snapping a pic!

Introduce yourself and tell us what you do for UO!
I'm Hannah Harbour and I'm a sales associate here at the UT Campus store. I just started two weeks ago!

Are you from Austin?
I'm originally from San Antonio, born and raised.

We love your style, where do you shop?
All thrift store. I just shop at Goodwill and every time I come across a thrift store, I stop. I’m a thrift queen.

Is that how you got this dress?
Yes! I always go to the dresses first. People give away really good dresses. I think this dress might be lingerie because it is really silky. I always go to the lingerie section too, because they have cute little blouses and slips.

So how many times have you been to SXSW?
Twice. I went when I lived here at 17-years-old. This is the first year that I am back in Austin. 

What's you're favorite part about it?
I like listening to the music and seeing the people. It’s good vibes and the people are happy, they’re not in a rush to shop and get out.

Are there any bands that you really want to see?
I wanted to see Flying Lotus, and hopefully I’ll get to see him. Mister Lies played here this morning, but I was working in the fitting room, so I would try to run out and listen. And Death Grips, they’re playing tomorrow and I am going to try to go see them.

Where can we find you online?
My Twitter or Tumblr, they're both named demonsemen666 (laughs).