• UO Happenings: In Conversation with Teen Vogue at Space 24 Twenty

    Hello, Austin! Today we were so excited to co-host a three-part panel with Teen Vogue at Space 24 Twenty centered around Art and activism. The resulting conversations were inspiring (to say the least). Acceptance. Coming out of fear. Loving yourself. Loving others. Being engaged. Not burning out. Demanding love. Staying #woke….read on to see more stand-out moments from the day. 
    Photos by Chad Wadsworth

    A line gathering outside before the Space opens...anticipation!

    Topo Chico forever.

    Issues of the new Teen Vogue "Love" issue for guests

    Braving the chilly day with pups

    The first panel, "The Intersection of Art x Activism: Using your Voice as a Tool for Change, moderated by Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth in conversation with Rowan Blanchard, Yara Shahidi, and Grace Dunham. A discussion on the importance of asking questions, the different manifestations of self-expression, and the unlimited wisdom of James Baldwin.

    “I define activism is a need to know, help, and explain” — Rowan Blanchard.

    “We are creating our own cannon — we are in charge of how we will be viewed by future generations” — Yara Shahidi

    "Sisterhood is not just biological: the most important relationships don’t have anything to do with gender or roles we were assigned at birth. It’s about the space where you listen and support." — Grace Dunham

    Yara, Grace, Rowan, and Elaine's list of musts for the "spectrum of woke" (thanks for the quote, Yara!):

    Reina Gossett’s new film “Happy Birthday Marsha”
    American Honey
    The documentaries of Agnes Varda

    All the podcasts! But specifically...
    the NPR One app
    Code Switch
    On Being's episode with Isabel Wilkerson, "The Heart is the Last Frontier"

    Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin
    The Devil Finds Work by James Baldwin
    The poetry of Audre Lorde 

    Barbara Kruger’s art 
    Jenny Holzer
    Kerry James Marshall

    Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth

    Yara Shahidi

    Grace Dunham

    Panel #2: People Aren’t Illegal: The Importance of Immigration and Asylum, moderated by Angy Rivera of the NYS Youth Leadership Council, in conversation with Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony and Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, founder of Muslim Girl. A discussion about correcting misrepresentation, talking back, and LOVING.

    "It kills me that we live in a world where we question people’s humanity…nothing defines a human except their heart, mind, words, and actions. That makes  you a human." — Lauren Jauregui 

    "This is that moment in history that future generations will look back on. We don’t want them to look back and say — How did that happen? We want them to say, 'Yo…the people won.'" — Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

    "Self care is so crucial. You can't put 100 percent out there if you are not at 100 percent yourself. It's important that we treat ourselves with kindness and gentleness." —Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

    Lauren and Amani's advice for how to be the change:
    Be vigilant. 
    Watch out for each other. 
    Take care of the people you love. 
    Give love first. 
    Remember that little moments make a difference.  
    Be engaged. Be active. 
    Talk back. 
    Make noise. 
    Remember: this is not normal. 
    Remember: this does not represent us. 
    Hold down the line. 
    You can't cross this! 

    Lauren Jauregui

    Panelist Love <3

    The last panel of the day — "Being Queer — And Fierce — During a Donald Trump Presidency," moderated by Teen Vogue editorial director Phillip Picardi in conversation with Connor Franta, Reina Gossett, and Grace Dunham. An inspiring discussion on finding your community, starting conversations, and the liberation that comes with being yourself.

    "When we come together in spite of violence, that is powerful...that helps me be the fullest, truest sense of who I am." — Reina Gossett

    Teen Vogue editorial director Phillip Picardi

    "[When I came out], I realized that the world was full of endless possibilities...I could be anyone and do anything. I had no restrictions anymore. It made anything possible in my art…"

    "When I was a teenager and thought about my future it seemed like there was a set of options in front of me about what my life could be...but more and more I see that the way I make decisions isn’t from pre-defined options, it’s from going within. It's from wondering…what does it mean to make choices based off who I want to be?"

    Reina, Connor, Grace, and Phillip's advice to their younger selves:
    Don't be afraid of yourself
    Feel your feelings. 
    You are not gross. 
    Demand love. 

    The UO-exclusive Topo Chico totes we designed with Austin designer Manik Raj Nakra, with proceeds benefitting the Barton Springs Conservancy (read more about the collaboration here).

    After the panels...A PRYNT Scavenger hunt! Answering questions around the store about Chloe x Halle for the chance to win $$ to UO!

    Austin, we love you! Can't wait for more Space 24 Twenty fun this week...stay tuned.

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