• UO Happenings: A UO PRIDE Performance by Taylor Bennett at UO Chicago

    This week, UO Chicago celebrated PRIDE with a special in-store performance by Taylor Bennett. It was so awesome to get to see Taylor perform in his hometown, and to celebrate PRIDE month together: as he puts it, "I make music not just for my fans, but for all people. My dream is to do the biggest show I possibly can, and at one point, ask everyone to look to their left and their right and have them realize that they are around straight, gay, black, white, rich and poor people, and see that they're all together and we are all equal. I want to have everybody realize the power of music and how it brings people together from different backgrounds to show how we can all share interest." Read our full interview with Taylor here on the UO blog, and scroll on for images and video from the event!
    Photos by Drake Sweeney

    Watch Taylor's "Roof Gone" video for UO Music
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