• UO Exclusive: Branded Gifts

    The holiday season is officially here. To make gifting a little easier, we collaborated with some of our favorite men's accessory designers to create some UO-exclusive gifts this season. There are cold weather accessories from brands like Brixton and Pendleton, to sunglasses from Spitfire and watches from Timex. Read on to learn about the gifts and the brands behind them, and click here to shop the whole collection.

    As a statement against technology (since we all use our phones to keep time these days), gift the Timex X UO Weekender Box Set. Or just give it to your friend who is always late. The stainless steel analog wristwatch comes with three different strap options: two nylon choices as well as a leather one (aka: three gifts in one).

    Timex's roots go back as far as 1854, with the brand's history deeply connected to the evolution of the wristwatch. It was also a leader in making some of its most groundbreaking achievements — notably, its invention-by-necessity as a more durable counterpart to the pocketwatch for World War I troops.

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    Brixton is one of our favorite brands right now, and UO was able to team up with them to create our Brixton X UO Amigo Beanie. Available in a variety of heather colors, as well as two solids, these beanies will keep you warm and looking cool. 

    Brixton is a fairly young brand, setting up shop only in 2004. Still, each season they succeed in designing timeless and clean pieces that look effortless in the best way possible.

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    Textured fabric is a huge trend this season, and we personally love the exclusive Bickley + Mitchell X UO Fleece Lined Sherpa Gloves. Available in black and gray, these mittens will keep your hands warm and comfy in the biting cold. Be sure to check out the exclusive matching sherpa scarf and sherpa beanie as well.

    North Face...you know what North Face is. For a brand whose reputation goes without saying, we got together to design some exclusive colorways in their original beanie models. Check out the Shipyard Beanie a new, cosmic blue and the Denali now offered in coastline blue

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    Based in Amsterdam, Bickley + Mitchell started in 2011 and focus on knitwear for men and women. The brand pushes the limits on how traditional and functional styles of knits can be reinterpreted in more modern, unexpected ways. Their work is also just really high quality: top of the line in every sense. 

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    No matter the season, you're gonna need sunglasses. And we like Spitfire's ability to make high quality shades at affordable prices so much that we teamed up for a few exclusive pairs — check out the Technotronic 5 (which, no, is not the name of a roller coaster). The London-based line is known for pushing the limits and blending unexpected styles that result in some cool pieces. Want something retro yet futuristic? They have it. Need something preppy yet punk? Yep, it's there.

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    It's been a big year for UO and Pendleton, and we were able to team up with them this season to create an entire exclusive collection of cold weather accessories. The run includes earmuffs, a trapper hat, a watchcap, a fleece-lined knit hood, scarves, touch-screen gloves, and knee-high boot socks, all emblazoned with the classic Pendleton pattern. 

    Pendleton has an extremely rich history, which was covered in our post about the brand and the collaboration they did with CPO. Check it out here if you missed it.

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    United By Blue is based in Philadelphia, and we can't get enough of their amazing luggage. UBB teamed up with UO to release an exclusive run of black bags including a messenger, a weekender, a tool bag, and a dopp kit. Perfect gifts for the traveler that will last forever.

    We all know UBB churns out high quality goods that fit anyone's style. But an interesting tidbit is that on the first floor of their Philadelphia HQ they run have an amazing retail store along with a full service cafe. A must-visit the next time you're in Philly. 

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