• UO Denim: Uzy Nwachukwu

    Denim forever. In the spirit of the timeless, forever favorite fabric, we're highlighting how some inspiring individuals from all over the world style their own unique spins on our BDG denim. See all our BDG stories here.

    Fashion blogger Uzy Nwachukwu @uzypaws talks to us about all things denim, why she loves blogging and lets us know that double denim is definitely back. 

    Tell us a bit about you and your blog!
    I’m Uzy and I am a fashion blogger as well as a student. I am currently studying Pharmaceutical Science and I will be entering my final year in September (wish me luck!).

    I started my blog as a platform where I was able to document my personal style journey and I plan to broaden the scope by adding travel and lifestyle content in the future. I am forever changing and it is so interesting (it can be cringe too) to look through my blog archives and see where I started, so I can appreciate how far I have come. 

    It is so nice to have a platform in which I can inspire people just by sharing my personal style with them. Also getting positive feedback for the work I create is always so humbling and motivates me to do more and to do better!

    Where are you from and what are your favorite shopping locations and go-to restaurants?
    I am a London girl! My go-to shopping destinations at the moment are Oxford Street and Spitalfields. After shopping you would probably catch me eating in your local Vapianos or Busaba Eathai (my current faves).

    Can you tell us a bit about your personal style?
    If I had to sum my personal style up in one word it would have to be “versatile”; I like what I like. One day you might catch me looking quirky and on another day classy. It all depends on my mood. I get bored very easily so I like to switch it up every now and then. I don’t feel as though I have to belong to a particular style category. Personal style has no rules.

    What do you love about denim?
    Denim is versatile. It can be worn in the winter; it can be worn in the summer. It can be dressed up or down. It has no age restrictions. I am actually struggling to think of something that clashes with it.  It comes in so many different styles there is bound to be something to suit everyone’s personal style. How can you not love denim! 

    What are your key styling tips for wearing denim?
    Denim on denim is my favorite combo. Choose a denim style that flatters your figure and style. 

    What is your go-to jeans fit and why?
    I love jeans that have a loose fit. My current favorite pair has to be my black denim culottes from Urban Outfitters, they are super comfy! I feel extra relaxed in them because I have more freedom of movement in loose jeans compared to tightly-fitted jeans. Plus imagine wearing tight jeans in sticky hot weather? Yeah, I’ll give it a pass. I am all for comfort.

    Why do you think denim is such a timeless classic?
    Probably because you don’t have to iron denim and if it gets torn it will still look cool.

    What are your favorite styles in our UO BDG Denim range?
    I am in love with the boyfriend style dungarees, denim culottes, as well as the pink denim pieces - they just look so pretty! 

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