• UO Beauty: Electric Eyes

    Lately, we're all about a bright eye for summer. Since most of us don't have the time (or the inclination) to spend hours globbin' on eye makeup while we're simultaneously sweating our butts off, we asked one of our amazing makeup artists to create a wearable look with a fun pop of color and minimal effort. See our process and recommended products below. Katie

    1. Start by using a liner brush to apply the colored eyeshadow of your choosing to just below your lower lashes. We're using a mix of blues here from this bh Cosmetics palette, but any fun shade will work. Make sure to keep the color very close to your lashline - you want a pop of color, not colorful raccoon eyes.

    2. To make the color pop even more, you can go even closer to the lashline with a brightly colored eyeliner. We used this Clio Gelspresso liner in "Deep Sea Blue" and "Chic "Navy." Lime Crime also has a liquid eyeliner that comes in some bright colors if you're one of those super talented people who can put on liquid eyeliner without stabbing yourself in the eye.

    3. Most of the blue shadows we were using came from the bh Cosmetics Take Brazil eye palette. This is a great, inexpensive option if you're looking to experiment with bolder eye colors.

    4. Priming your eye area with concealer will also ensure that the shadow color you choose will stand out against a fully matte background.

    5. To give the whole look some extra colorful OOMPH, we layered some bright blue mascara over some regular black mascara. The mascara we used was this bright blue one from TONYMOLY, but Mirabella and NYX also have some good options. (The green Mirabella one in particular is really speaking to me.)

    6. Voila, all done! All in all this took about ten minutes to complete and if you're someone who's working your way up to crazier makeup looks, this was subtle enough IRL to wear to the grocery store and not feel like everyone would be staring at you like a monster. Now we're just patiently waiting for the perfect warm day to wear this out.

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