• UO Backlot Sesh 2013: Wednesday, March 13

    RISE AND SHINE YOU LITTLE SOUTH BY SPRING BREAKERS! That's right, it's 9AM and I'm writing to you from Austin, Texas after a wild night of petty-cabs, flaming shots and lots of music. Not pointing any fingers, we're all over 21, amirite? JK. We mostly chugged Red Bulls so major shout out to them for keeping us awake until four.

    So, today is day one of our UO Backlot Sesh, which will be kicked off by a pizza party and some cutesy DIY crafts hosted by Rookie Mag and a few of their contributors!  After we stuff our faces, adorn ourselves in flower crowns and try to bring out the Rookie in all of us, we'll have a day filled with killer music and the hot sun of this weird town. Come grab some free music and free beer! Beer is 21+ obvs, but the shows are all ages.

    The back doors open at 1PM (NOTE: NOT 12! Oopsies. Or you could just, like, help us set up if you're antsy?) with artists Mount Moriah, Icky Blossoms, Nu Sensae, White Lung and Icona Pop (plz no Hannah-inspired ideas, y'all). There's going to be a lot of chicks but that's even more of an excuse for you cute boiz to come check out the bands. See you babes there, and don't forget to pick up one of the totes below on your way out the door! ;) -Ally

    PS- If you're not in Austin, but in LA, you can still get some Rookie love at the Hattie Stewart pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty, where Rookie t-shirts are exclusively on sale.