• TV Shows For Girls

    Before Girls existed there were some pretty solid reality shows that dealt with their own versions of "normal" girls. They taught their viewers so many valuable lessons about life and... other stuff. Like what not to wear when you go to court. Forget trying to decide if you're a Shoshanna or a Jessa. Instead, try deciding if you're a deluded prep school girl or a semi-famous pop star who dates other semi-famous pop stars.—Katie

    Pretty Wild
    OMG these children. Pretty Wild, a show that followed Bling Ring participant Alexis Neiers (along with her two sisters and her Adderall-dispensing mother) was a show that shuffled off this mortal coil far too soon. Thankfully it survives on Netflix, but the fact that only nine episodes of this E! show exist is a tragedy. One of my favorite scenes in television history is watching the sisters weepingly search for their missing puppy (in the end, he's like, literally right outside the front door, so don't worry). These girls taught me exactly what not to do, ever, and I thank them for that.

    Rich Girls
    How do no .gifs exist of this show?  It's such a classic. It followed Ally Hilfiger (yes, Tommy Hilfiger's daughter) and her BFF Jaime Gleicher as they got in wacky adventures all over NYC. This show was actually a tiny, tiiiny bit relateable, mostly because the girls were typical angsty teens, but since they also happened to be super wealthy, it made all their situations ridiculous. Like going to the grocery store or shopping for prom dresses at Louis Vuitton. Sure.

    NYC Prep
    NYC Prep was a show that ran on Bravo for approximately 10 minutes, but it left us with some beautiful, wise quotes, as we can see in the .gifs above. There were also some dudes in the cast of this show, but they were even more useless than the girls, so I'm going to pretend they never existed. NYC Prep totally prepared me for the real world, and taught me that if I do nothing with my life, people will pay attention as long as I'm rich.

    Ashlee Simpson Show
    Remember how cute she used to be? Remember how in love her and Ryan Cabrera were? Remember how she finally escaped the clutches of Cabrera only to be ensnared by Pete Wentz? This is a true lesson of why everyone should move out of L.A.