• Tumblr Tuesday: Josh Hedge

    We’re always scouring Tumblr for up-and-coming artists, photographers and interesting people to follow. On Tumblr Tuesdays we dig a little deeper, introducing you to a new person whose point-of-view we’re reblogging this week.

    Today we're looking at the work of Josh Hedge, an Australian photographer based in Sydney. We love the dreamy quality of Josh's outdoorsy film shots, so we reached out to him to find out a little bit more about him, and the stories behind some of his favorite photos.

    Hi Josh! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    I'm vegan, lover of all walks of life, [and I love] the ocean.

    How did you get started in photography?
    Well, it was a bit out of nowhere, to be perfectly honest. I had always been a creative person; I just never had an outlet to express it all through. Having never studied art at school and not having any plans at all to go to university, I made the odd decision to buy a second hand SLR off of my friend for $200 or something when I was 19. From the absolute very first photo I knew straight away it was my purpose. Such a relief it was.

    What subjects are you most drawn to?
    From the beginning, it's been the ocean. It's one of my truest loves and favorite element. When I look back through my work every now and then I always seem to be based around water. In saying that, though, all things nature-based are things I'm drawn to, whether it be the soft golden light left by the sun as it starts to descend below the horizon, or sunflower fields without fences. Anything that represents freedom.

    Favorite gear?
    My favorite little weapon is my Pentax Spotmatic that my Nan (the queen of Op-shopping) bought for $10 a few years back. She's the reason I discovered analogue photography and I owe a lot to her for this. As much as digital is obviously an amazing invention (and it's going to do even bigger and better things in the future), I can't seem to put aside film over digital. There's something special about analogue in the fact that it lets you appreciate flaws and mistakes. We're taught from a very young age that things need to be "perfect" which is everything film isn't. What you see is what you get on film. You can't just delete a photo and start again if you don't like it, which you can on digital.

    What feeling do you most try to convey with your photos?
    Being a photographer is simply paused moments on how you perceive the wonderful world we live in. There is beauty in everything, color everywhere, it's just that sometimes we blind ourselves from that, which is why I love to express moments of happiness, freedom and nostalgia in images that are simple.

    Does your photography style translate to your fashion at all? What is your personal clothing style like?
    You could say it does translate to my clothing style. Since I was quite young I loved Op-shopping and still do. I've worn a bit of everything in my time but usually just simple shirts and denim. I love hats, though! Just don't expect me to be rocking the latest pair of shoes. I've been a barefoot bandit since I can remember and it's not a fashion statement or anything like that - I've just lived on the beach for over seven years now and it just doesn't seem right to not let my feet feel the sand and soil. So, yes, both my photography and clothing style is very no-frills!

    Favorite food: Fruit!!!!! Especially watermelon.
    Favorite drink: Coconut water.
    One band you could listen to forever: Pink Floyd.
    One place you want to go before you die: Pere Lachaise where Jim Morrison's gravesite is.
    Favorite song: "Echoes" by Pink Floyd.
    Most-worn item of clothing: Denim Shorts
    Personal hero: I have 3 - my mum, my dad, and my sister.

    Tell us the stories behind some of your favorite photos:

    A day when me and my lovely girlfriend swam in this crystal blue rock pool all by ourselves, ate fruit, and were kissed by the sun. My idea of perfection.

    This was in idea I had playing over in my head for quite some time and for it to finally come to life just how I wanted it was really awesome.

    I remember taking this image so vividly. Film can be quite hard to get your focusing right, and we all know how quick and swift a bubble can come and go, so to have this turn out like it did made me very pleased.

    I took this image when me and my mate were camping in an inland forest at the bottom of Australia. We woke up to the misty treetops and not another soul for as far as we could see. The pinnacle of freedom.

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