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    Trend: Valentine's Gifts

    Valentine's gifts can be annoying because everything is so slathered in hearts that it makes it a little tricky to use the gifts past Valentine's Day. Luckily for you, we have some wonderfully tasteful (well, kinda) alternatives for you to shower your boo with. But obviously still get that giant bear holding a chocolate heart. Those are cuuute.—Katie

    Galen Print Snapback Hat
    Totally covered in hearts, but in a cool way.

    Delicate Love Bracelet
    Okay, so love bracelets are a little cheesy, but this one is so teeny-tiny and adorable, how can you resist?

    Urbanears Headphones
    They match Valentine's day, but they're also super useful, and they'll give your gray winter complexion a little pop of color.

    Tea For Two Teacup Set
    ^__^ Think of all the romantic tea parties you can force on your SO now!!!

    Plum & Bow Ditsy Heart Rug
    Hopefully they will make this into carpet soon because having wall-to-wall heart carpets in my apartment sounds like a dream come true.

    Urban Renewal Vintage Coil Heart Belt
    You can put on your cute Valentine's Day dress and then add this cute heart belt and then just explode into a ball of cuteness!

    Alice & Peter Cupcake Perfume
    These perfumes are all kept in a cupcake container, which makes them the perfect addition to that giant box o' chocolates you're giving to your crush.

    Ginger + Liz Nail Color
    Red and pink nail polish never goes out of style.

    Katy Perry Color Pop Faux Lashes
    Some of these lashes are pink!!! So, so useful in real life.