• Trend: Unicorns

    Unicorns are wonderful, imaginary creatures, and we should all be thrilled that they're popping up on everything from T-shirts to iPhone cases. Unicorns may be hard (okay, impossible) to find in real life, but thankfully easy to find on clothing. Rainbow hair, don't care.—Katie

    UO Unicorns iPhone 5 Case
    When I glance at this quickly it almost looks dirty, but in reality it's just cute li'l unicorns hanging out with some balloons. Nothing wrong with that.

    Cooperative Applique Unicorn Flat
    I'm going to throw in an emoticon here: XD Because that is the emotion these shoes make me feel and I don't think words are able to convey that properly.

    Gift Card Charm Necklace
    The most majestic necklace I've ever seen.

    Junk Food Haters Gonna Hate Unicorn Tee
    No one could hate you while wearing this beautiful unicorn shirt. When you wear this, you should also throw in some Unicorn Hair Extensions so you'll be perfectly coordinated.

    Urban Renewal Fuzzy Unicorn Necklace
    Actually, just kidding. This is the most majestic necklace I've ever seen.

    Truly Madly Deeply Galaxy Unicorn Boyfriend Tee
    Unicorns + space = the most perfect and Tumblr-y T-shirt in existence.