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Trend: Tie-Front Tops

Tie-front tops are perfect for summer, especially with some high-waisted shorts. Just look at how much fun T. Swifty is having up there in hers! Sometimes tying up an actual button-down leaves the fabric bunchy and annoying, so luckily pre-tied, tie-front tops exist. (TRY SAYING THAT THREE TIMES FAST.) Here are some faves. —Katie

Kimchi Blue Printed Tie-Front Blouse
Getting the cutest Little House On The Prairie vibes from this little number.

Kimchi Blue Tie-Front Blouse
No one can ever go wrong with a simple white blouse. Can be worn with literally anything!

Pins And Needles Tie-Front Bed Jacket Blouse
This is so easy breezy and perfect, especially when it's 98 degrees out in July and you can't be bothered to do much except sit 3 inches from your weakass window AC unit.

Kimchi Blue Tie-Front Tropical Print Shirt
Like what your grandpa wears to vacation in Miami but awesome.

Ecote Jayna Tie-Front Tee
Totally tie-dye tie-front.

Glamorous Leopard Collar Tie-Front Shirt
Glamorous, indeed.

Kimchi Blue Tie-Front Sleeveless Denim Shirt
Very similar to T. Swifty's. YOU COULD LOOK LIKE T. SWIFTY!