• Junkfood Grateful Dead Sweatshirt

    Trend: Lightweight Sweatshirts

    If you're one of those people who loves being comfortable in whatever they may be wearing, I have great news for you: wearing sweatshirts is a thing again! I've recently noticed tons of lines creating lightweight pullover sweatshirts in a variety of designs. Now being comfortable also means looking cool, so why not grab a new pullover that has a kitschy graphic print or interesting embellishment? Wearing a top like this is also great for in between weather times, since its not yet time for a chiffon blouse, but also soon it'll be time to ditch the winter coat. If you don't feel like putting on a super fancy outfit but still want to look awesome, go for one of these, because it'll do all of the talking for you! - Maddie

    Sparkle & Fade Black & White Stripe Sweatshirt

    Family Pastel Shades Sweatshirt

    Family Swiggle Print Sweatshirt

    Pins and Needles Rainbow Sleeve Sweatshirt