• Trend: Summer Parties

    Summer is slowly creeping up, so we had all better get our act together and stock up on some fun shit for the outdoors. Unless you're like, someone who doesn't go outside, I guess. But everyone fun should start thinking about the great parties they're going to have with their friends. With all the awesome pool toys and party gear available nowadays, it'll be impossible to have a bad time. —Katie

    Pretzel Float
    If the reviews are to be believed, then this pretzel float will make all your guests fight one another to the death for it. It is that awesome.

    Giant Ring-Toss Pool Game
    Pool games are the best! Especially ones that don't require you to fight over the single pair of goggles you have so that you can dive 8 feet to the bottom of the pool to pick up a plastic weighted stick.

    Unbored: The Essential Field Guide To Serious Fun
    If you're having trouble thinking of fun things to do in the outdoors and sunshine (are you a vampire?), then this book can help give you some ideas. It even teaches you how to yarn bomb.

    Super Pretzel Soft Pretzel Maker
    If your friends aren't impressed by your pretzel pool toy (or if you don't have a pool), then they'll most certainly be impressed by your very own muthafuckin' homemade pretzels!

    Corn Hole Pool Game
    Corn hole (corn holing?) is the best, and the ability to do it in a cool pool on a hot day is even better.

    Inflatable Boxing Glove
    There is nothing more fun than safely and supervisedly punching your BFF in the face.

    Joust Pool Game
    Is this the best $30 you'll ever spend? Absolutely.