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Trend: Soft Pants

Soft pants are totally a thing and it's great! Because most of them have elastic waists! So they're basically pajama pants that you can wear outdoors!!! The fashion gods have heard our cries, y'all. I mean, I love high-waisted pants as much as the next gal,  but if I'm shoehorned into a pair of those things and then go out for a burger, my whole day is over. I either need to go home and change, or figure out a way to hide the fact that I'm sitting at the table with my pants unzipped. Glorious soft pants allow for maximum burger consumption! Celebrate good times, C'MON! Here are some of my favorites. —Katie

Staring At Stars Heroine Harem Pant

Staring At Stars Majestic Pant

Ecote Knit Harem Pant

Somedays Lovin Muchacho Floral Pant

Staring At Stars Acid-Wash Lounge Pant

BDG Side-Zip Sweatpant

Tallow Taveler Harem Pant

Ecote Curved Yoke Harem Pant

Silence + Noise Pull-On Track Pant

BDG Tapered High-Rise Lounge Pant