• Trend: Retro Electronics

    People have been doing stuff with cassettes again! (I know, right?!) It makes sense, though. Cassettes are totally cuter than CDs, so it's sort of not surprising that people would start pining away for them at some point. Just like vinyl is cuter than the both of them combined. (Also, scoff at the ridiculousness of that sentence all you want, but you know it's true.) As Liz Lemon's boyfriend Dennis once said on 30 Rock, "Technology is cyclical." Too true, my friend. Here are some items that'll keep you groovin' like it's 1989. —Katie

    Get the goods:

    Cassette Recorder & Player
    Did you save your Spice Girls cassettes? DID YOU?

    Cassette Tape Pack Of 7
    Always gotta have a back-up stash of blank cassettes so you can record your favorite Hanson songs from the radio. (Or whatever the 2013 equivalent of Hanson is. One Direction?)

    Polaroid 600 Close-Up Hello Kitty Camera By Impossible Project
    This is a super rare Hello Kitty Polaroid camera from Japan that was refurbished by The Impossible Project. The Impossible Project is not fucking around with their Polaroids.

    Retro LCD Alarm Clock
    What witchcraft is this? A clock that is not on your cell phone? Whaaa-?

    AV Room Portable USB Turntable By Crosley
    The cutest little turntable to ever exist.

    Rolling Stones Hot Rocks 1964-1971
    Mick Jagger would probably be honored to have his vinyl played on a floral turntable in 2013. (Like, for real. He seems awesome.)

    Vintage Polaroid Land Instant Film Camera
    Pictures just like dad's.