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Trend: Overalls

(Photo via Man Repeller)

Overalls are one of those clothing items that are totally easy to throw on, and are especially good for those days when you just couldn't possibly deal with a waistband, but aren't feeling like a dress. You can even go for the N*SYNC look if you're feeling particularly daring. —Katie

Get the look:

Urban Renewal Cutoff Overall Dress
A girlier version of the traditional overalls.

BDG Denim Overall
Cool & casual. For when you feel like you just need to channel badass Alex Mack.

Urban Renewal Marble Denim Overall Short
A fun updated version of denim overalls.

UNIF Penny Cutoff Overall Short
Yes, sexy overalls do exist.

Urban Renewal Acid-Wash Overall Short
Roll these cuties up and head on out!