• Trend: Metallic Holiday

    With holiday parties starting, silvers, golds, bronzes and multi-colored shines have been popping up everywhere and catching the eyes of our coworkers and, of course, the whole internet.  In order to get to the bottom of what makes this look so perfect for the holidays, I bought myself a pair of these awesome Tripp NYC Silver Vinyl Pants (on sale, yay!) to give this trend a try. With eight compliments before noon, I'm totally on board!  This is the time of year to go all out and not need an excuse to explain why you're reflecting like a disco ball. Here are some of my favorite metallic picks ranging from subtle accessories to full-on outfits for all of y'all to try. -Ally

    NYX Slide On Eye Liner Pencil
    Okay readers, lets start out small. A little bit of metallic makeup is the perfect way to ease yourself into this trend.  With the insane amount of eyeliner, eye shadownail polish and lipstick options we have to choose from, you can pick your favorite asset and make it glow.

    Filigree Headband
    Metallic jewelry is probably the easiest way to get into this trend because seriously, like, everything is metallic.  Just scroll through our hair and jewelry sections and you're bound to find something shiny, beautiful and exactly your taste.

    BDG Perfect Zip-Pouch
    A metallic accessory, like a little pouch bag or this cute Cooperative Day/Night Crossbody Bag to hold all of your makeup and maxed-out credit cards, will add a good amount of gleam to an otherwise bland outfit.  

    Reverse Metallic Peplum Strapless Top
    Now it's time to step into the realm of metallic clothes.  We have dresses, tops and even bodysuits to choose from that can be worn with everyday items like colorful denim and shimmery tights. 

    Lucca Couture Liquid Gold Maxi Dress
    WARNING: This dress is not for the faint of heart.  It is known to turn every head in the room, so get ready to have all eyes on you.  If you're looking for the ultimate metallic show-stopper then baby, this one is for you.  The NYE gods are just begging you to wear this.

    Dr. Martens Patent 1460 Boot
    Do I seriously have to give you a reason why these are the coolest metallic shoes of all time?  If you're not into boots, or want something a little fancier, we have a to of other options to choose from here.

    See our Super Into It Pinterest board for more metallic inspiration!