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    Trend: Lounge Clothes

    So, someone over at the NYDN wrote an entire "article" about how Mila Kunis is a "fashion fiasco" because she wears sweatpants when she goes out to get coffee, and is therefore ruining the entire world. I mean, if an Oscar-nominated actress starts wearing sweatpants, then what's next? WHAT'S NEXT, AMERICA? In honor of Mila being the best, no matter what she wears, let's look at some lounge clothes that you can wear the next time you go out. If the world crumbles beneath your feet, then I guess NYDN can say, "We told you so."Katie

    Staring at Stars Cowl Pocket Harem Lounge Pant
    If someone tries to call these lounge pants "frumpy dumpy," then you can take solace in the fact that they obviously have no soul and no capacity for having fun.

    Out From Under Bleached Acid Wash Maxi Dress
    Maxi dresses are the most comfortable and easiest things to throw on for running out to grab coffee. They may make me look like a two-foot-tall man-baby, but I'm strangely okay with that because the comfort factor on these things is through the roof.

    SOLOW Dancer Warm-Up Pullover Sweatshirt
    A little more exciting than a normal pullover sweatshirt, but still just as comfy.

    Cat Pocket Tee
    Perfect for lounging, running errands, the prom, a red carpet, etc., etc.

    Coincidence and Chance Gaucho Jumper
    Remember when gauchos were super cool in 2005? But they were still really ugly? This jumper is like the cooler, trendier cousin to gauchos. And it has pockets! Act like you don't want this. No matter how ugly gauchos are, they're still the comfiest pants on the entire planet.