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Trend: Girl Power

Since girl power is one of our January themes, I'm going to show you how to embrace your inner girly girl, with a touch of that rebellious girl. - Maddie

Some ladies I look to for inspiration in this area are Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love, who always managed to create the perfect combination of their own femininity with badassery. There are endless ways to show off your girl power, especially in the coming months, when clothes start to get a little bit more carefree again (thank you, springtime!). Right now, to me, embracing your girl power means pastels, lightweight denim and dresses, paired with endlessly awesome accessories that add just the right amount of tomboy. Check out some inspiration photos below:

Power Picks!
Here are some of my favorite products that I feel fully embrace the Girl Power trend!

Pins and Needles Open Stitch Sweater

Band of Gypsies Lace & Tulle Dress

BDG Erin High-Rise Denim Short - Lace Embroidered

Stussy Patch Denim Jacket

Le Specs Runaways Sunglasses

Flower Chain Bun Rap

Ecote Growler Suede Ankle Boot

Chelsea Crew Electric Leather Ankle Boot

Lime Crime Lipstick in Glamour 101

Hologram Nail Polish