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Trend: Foxes

You know how there's always a cool animal of the moment? Like how owls suddenly became the hippest dudes in the woods and got themselves plastered on everything from cups to hair bows? It looks like foxes are the new hip animals, and I'm pretty excited about this. Foxes are adorable! Foxes on sweaters are even more adorable! Owls are great but they were getting a little tired (sorry, owls), so I'm welcoming all this fox shit with open arms. Here are some of the best fox items I've found, and just in time for the holidays. Go ahead, treat yo'self. -Katie

Truly Madly Deeply Printed Dolman Sweatshirt
I own this and I love it.

Minimarket Fiery Fox Clutch

Don't be surprised if everyone around you starts singing "Foxy Lady" when you're holding onto this clutch.

This is one fantastic Mr. Fox.

Fleet Foxes "Helplessness Blues" 2xLP
The perfect, foxy shopping music.