• Trend: Floral Sunglasses

    Whether they were decked out in plastic flower charms or covered in a calico print, floral frames were all over the spring and summer runway shows. If only the pairs below smell as good as they look. Oh my god, future product idea?! Well, until we develop scented floral shades check out these picks that perfectly fit this trend. - Hazel

    Anna Sui

    Paul and Joe


    Toyland Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    Bet you thought these cute little flowers on these adorable glasses were real. Oh, you didn't? Whatever.

    UO Lovelace Sunglasses
    These dainty, hippy-dippy frames will complete the flower child look that you'll wear as you frolic in a wildflower-filled meadow. Damn, that sounds nice.

    Bleeding Floral Round Sunglasses
    These floral glasses are BLEEDING with floral. So pretty! 

    Fun In The Sun Sunglasses
    A pretty pastel, floral printed pair to wear when you're gardening. If you do garden. If you don't then get started, you fool. It's spriiiing!

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