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Trend: Floppy Hats

Even though summer is coming to a quick close this Saturday, floppy hats are still ever trending in our offices. They're a super fun way to bring a little '70s flavor to your outfit, whether they're felt, straw, or wool. Get ready for #floppyhatfridays with us by getting inspired with our "Get Felted" Pinterest board. You'll have never ending felt hat inspo. Plus, if you dig wearing hats in general, get ready for the cold weather with some other super fun head-warming options! Maddie

Get the look:

Stolen Girlfriends Club Bento Hat
Neo floppy hat, with bit of a boxier shape. Also, how killer is that leopard print?

Palais Floppy Hat
Don't let its name fool you. This hat is less flop and more flat, in a good way of course!

Grace Hats Dizzy Porkpie Hat
If you're not into the floppy hat trend, but still love felt hats, go for a porkpie style one. It's super cute and reminds me of all those cool Londoners who wear them.

Staring At Stars Scout Panama Hat
Panama hats are also another type of hat to try. They've got a wide brim but have a bit more structure than your average floppy hat. Plus this one is tan and great to wear with an all black outfit!

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