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Trend: Daisies

In case you didn't notice, we love the '90s over here, so of course that means we love daisies, too. Who knows why daisies became the ultimate representation of all things '90s, but good for them, ya know? They're cute flowers. They deserve their moment in the sun (UNINTENTIONAL PUN!). Daisies are fun, girly and make you feel like you're the star of My So-Called Life, so it's an all around win when you wear these suckers. I'm wearing a daisy shirt right now, as a matter of fact. If you're looking to rock this cute trend yourself, here are some daisy-rific ideas. (Okay, not my best word play. I tried!) —Katie

Lucca Couture Chiffon Daisy Dress
This is the perfect summer dress. Gonna get a whole lot of "WHOA!" when you wear this one.

Truly Madly Deepy Daisy Cropped Tee
Hey, here's the shirt I'm wearing today! It's great, guys. I promise. Real solid cropped daisy tee, for sure.

Pins And Needles Sequin Daisy Button-Down Top
If you are delicate and pretty and don't spill BBQ sauce all over your shirts even when you're not near BBQ sauce (me :c), please get this shirt because it's adorable.

Gardenhead Daisy Halo Headwrap
If you have nary a crafty bone in your body (again, me), this pre-made daisy crown is a godsend and BONUS! It never wilts.

DV By Dolce Vita Ambra Daisy Denim Bustier Top
Plus the matching shorts!

Mystree Embroidered Daisy Tank Top
Easy, breezy, beautiful daisy girl.

Jeffrey Campbell Daisy Mae Cutout Skimmer
Hopefully you'll be pairing these with one of the aforementioned daisy items so you will be dripping in daisies.

Plum & Bow Tufted Daisy Bath Mat
If you're not into wearing daisies, you can slap this bad boy down on your floor and appreciate the trend that way. Viva la daisies!