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Trend: Camp Hats

Camp hats! They're a lot like five-panel caps, but usually have a nylon strap in the back and overall less structure — because structure is for the school year and it's summertime, bitches. Really though camp hats, the lighter little brother to baseball caps, are perfect for summer when you need to keep the sun out of your grill but aren't trying to have your head be all sweaty. Plus, we've got them in a bunch of wild patterns, which is great for blending in with the foliage, which is important when trying to stealthily steal beer from unassuming camp dads. Angelo

This hat has wolves on it, which is great for going out into nature, communing with wolves. Warning: may be offensive to wolves. 

This hat has space girls on it, which is great for going out into nature and hallucinating about communing with space girls. 

This collaboration from two Northwest brands, Coal and Otter Wax, is waxed for your protection, because even if it's summer in the Northwest it's probably still raining. 

The Stately hat is for classy camping trips, but I don't know anything about classy camping trips.