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Trend: Bindis

Mid-'90s Gwen Stefani: The Queen of Bindis

Originally a traditional South Asian decoration that signified age, status, or religion, bindis have now found a place in the fashion world as style statements. Representative of a sort of "third eye," bindis are one of the coolest pieces of jewelry.

Model Abbey Lee Kershaw wearing a bindi and looking ghostly.

Bec and Bridge's Fall 2011 lookbook

In the 90's, Gwen Stefani popularized the bindi by wearing it constantly. Whether she wore it with a furry blue bikini top or in her video for "Just A Girl," she was always rocking it! She is the ultimate inspiration for so many girls wearing bindis back then and even today.

Bindis have since been adopted by the teenage tumblr crowd. Now blogger girls with candy colored hair place gems on their foreheads to compliment their wacky style. You don't just wear the bindi, you have to look like a neon glitter princess to pull off the look. Why? Possibly because it looks awesome!

Tumblr girl Molly Soda has become the internet poster child for 21st century bindi fashion.

Vice Magazine even parodied the trend in their "GPOY" editorial.

So what are you waiting for? Rock a bindi!—Hazel