• Tips + Tricks: Party Beauty

    With the holidays fast approaching, we're all about the party beauty looks right now. And when we think of party, we think of metallics and glitters - tons of glitter. Luckily there's an abundance of beauty products out there to get you shining like the top of the Chrysler building.

    The number one item in our party beauty bag has been the Stila foil eyeshadow lately, mostly because we love how shiny it is. Our favorite one currently is the gold; it's more versatile than some of the other colors, and shows up, really, really well on most skintones. If you want to go out with gold-as-heck eyes, then this is the product for you. We make sure to always use the primer that it comes with so that it goes on more opaque and lasts throughout the night. If you're doing eyeliner as well, we recommend a long-lasting waterproof one, like this one which is also from Stila.

    If eye shimmer isn't enough shimmer for you, then we also recommend NUXE's dry shimmer oil which can be used allll over. We love it because it actually moisturizes, meaning it's not just a novelty product, and it also has juuust the right amount of shimmer (like, we promise you won't end up looking like you're going to a middle school dance in 1999). It also smells like a day at the beach, which is so nice in winter that you're never going to want to take it off.

    For the most part, we usually spend at least half a day getting ready for a party, but there are those instances when we suddenly only have ten minutes until we have to head out. In those cases, we don't have time to throw on a full face of makeup before going out, so we usually rely on a simple red lip. (Duh, just like everyone in the world.) One of the products that we've been having the most fun with lately is the UO Beauty Box. It comes with multiple colors of lip gloss so that we can mix and match the different shades without buying 15+ separate products, and it's filled with tons of other things that are great for practicing our makeup skillz. (And all the brighter eyeshadows are perfect party makeup, too!)

    Some other tips and products we love:

    -these shimmery matte nail polishes!
    -the best dry shampoo, ever, for big party hair
    -this glitter eyeshadow
    -all-natural bronzer that works incredibly well

    You'll be party-ready before you know it.

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