• Thursday Tip-Off: At Home Barbecue

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    Summer is here and we've been smelling the sweet scent of BBQ more and more when we head out. If we want to be ready for 4th of July, it's important to plan ahead and get our BBQ game perfected. Here, we take a look at what we're rounding up for the perfect BBQ with friends.
    Lead photo by @uosandiego

    Photo by Jordan Lyle

    The most important part of a barbecue is having an actual barbecue. Seems easy enough, but when you live in a city with minimal outdoor space, sometimes getting your hands on one can be harder than you might imagine. Enter: the homemade BBQ. While you won't be able to make dozens of burgers at the same time, it's a good hack for when you and a few friends are craving a couple burgers and hot dogs.

    If homemade isn't your thing and you're like, "I would totally blow up my house," then a portable camp stove is another great option. They're smaller than a regular BBQ, but can fit a couple burgers and hot dogs, which is perfect for a meal with only a few close friends.

    If you really, really just couldn't possibly spend time getting a grill, doing an at-home BBQ is still possible, as long as you have an oven. There are plenty of recipes out there on the world wide web that feature homemade BBQ sauce and an oven, but just be prepared to spend a lot of time cooking whatever meat you use.

    Photo via @uonewyork

    If you're not used to entertaining people and are working with a small space or limited outdoor space, try to make extra seating by throwing some extra seating on the floor. This can be as easy as dragging out some extra blankets or a blow-up mattress (we love the below idea - quick and easy outdoor couch!).

    Permanent floor seating is also an option as well, as there are tons of floor pillows, poufs, and cushions out there that are perfect for extra company. If you'd like to throw some of them outside, grab an indoor/outdoor rug so you don't have to worry about them getting dirty on the ground. Setting up a few cushions in the vicinity of your BBQ (if you have one) is perfect for getting everyone together and talking.

    For a party that lasts into the night, string up some string lights! It'll help keep everyone outside longer, which is a must, especially if it's a nice night. Bonus: string lights tend to attract less huge, scary night bugs than a big outdoor light.

    Photo via @uolosangeles

    Photo via @uonewyork

    Now, onto the food and drinks! Here are a few of our favorite recipes that are exactly what any BBQ needs.

    Beer and Honey BBQ Skewers
    Cheesy Pickle Pretzel Sliders
    Grilled Mexican Street Corn
    Roasted Potato Salad
    Banh Mi Hot Dogs
    Grilled Tin Foil Veggies

    Honeysuckle Watermelon Cocktails
    Peno Blast (watermelon and jalepeno!)
    Orange & Basil Sofi Spritz
    Frozen Cucumber and Green Chartreuse Daiquiri
    Boozy Toasted Almond Popsicles
    Blueberry Coriander G&T

    Photo via @uosandiego

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