• The UO Nice List: Boo

    We reached out to some of our favorite people to find out what is on their wish lists this year.   Here we talk to Boo, the cutest dog in the world.

    Introduce yourself 
    Hi, world! I’m . I like to eat chicken, chew on squeaky toys, wear pink, and follow around my best friend, Buddy.

    What do you love/loathe most about the holidays? 
    Holiday sweaters! Love!

    If you could ask for anything this year (and money is no object) what would you ask for? 
    World peace for sure. And a bowl of boiled chicken and rice.

    What’s your favorite holiday snack or food? 
    Chicken, rice, and cottage cheese (low sodium since I’m watching my weight) for dinner and apples for dessert!

    Without looking it up, what are the ingredients in eggnog? 
    Hm. Egg and nog? 

    Any idea how you will spend New Year’s Eve this year? 
    Buddy and I haven’t finalized plans yet, but whatever we end up doing, I’m sure it will involve a lot of glitter and sequins.

    If you could be any character from a holiday movie, who would you be and why? 
    Buddy the Elf! Mainly, because his name is Buddy.

    If you could plant a New Year’s kiss on your dream crush, who would that be and why? 
    Buddy, of course!

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