• The UO Guide To Dreamin'

    Dreams: what are they? What do they mean? What do I have to do to make One Direction be in them? These are the questions we ask ourselves. But, have no fear, we've got all the answers to your dream analysis inquiries. Here, we present to you the only guide you'll need for figuring out WTF your dreams are trying to tell you. Kudos to Dream Moods for their dream wisdom! Hazel

    The "OMG, I'M BEING CHASED?!" Dream
    Whoa, talk about creeptastic? Did you eat BBQ before bed? Oh, that question didn't have anything to do with your dream, I was just wondering. Anyway, if you're being chased in your dream, this means that you sense something, or someone, in your waking existence who/that is threatening you. Maybe it's the bodega dude who caught you shoplifting a pint of Ben & Jerry's that one time or the fact that you've got a weeks worth of work to get done and it's totally haunting you. Maybe you're just a big baby and are afraid of everything? Toughen up, jeeze!

    The "Ewww, All My Teeth Are Falling Out!" Dream
    So, your bright n' shiny teeth fall out in your dream. Not the best look, right? Well, the theory is that your teeth are representative of your entire appearance and demeanor. So, when you lose your teeth it means you're insecure about how you look to other people. Aw, I thought we were friends? You don't need to be self-conscious around us! Take some selfies, repeat some self-love affirmations, put on some glitter lip-gloss and maybe these toothy nightmares will subside. 

    The "AAH, I'm Naked!" Dream
    Uh oh, you're not just on Snapchat anymore. Your nudie dream, the one where you're baring it all for your classroom/office/yoga class (ew), is all about you being embarrassed and caught off guard. You're exposing it all literally 'cause you feel emotionally exposed IRL. It's also a totally common dream, so maybe our dreams are telling us that we should all, uh, get naked together? But only if you're really hot. Just sayin'!

    The "Falling, FALLING, Faaalling" Dream
    So what's up with that dream where you're falling, but not like falling for a boy or some rad song, just physically, dumb-ass falling? It means you're out of control of your life! Maybe you need to cut back on your Cat Marnell lifestyle or stop tweeting every 2 minutes? Chances are, a falling dream probably means you need to stop wearing 6-inch high heel clogs because let's get real, you can't handle them.

    The "One Where You're Married to James Franco and You Live On a Beach Where There's a Strawberita-Flavored Waterfall" Dream
    WAIT, this isn't real?! Ugh, dreams are the worsttttt.