• The UO Employee Nice List: Jess Smothers

    Find out what our Urban Outfitters employees are asking for this holiday season!

    Introduce yourself!
    Hi! I'm Jess and I'm the women's senior stylist for the web! 

    What is your all time favorite thing in the world?
    I think my favorite thing in the world would have to be my pup, Winston!

    How did you find out Santa wasn't real?
    My sister's boyfriend would play Santa and run outside my bedroom window yelling with jingle bells! I think eventually I figured it out and it just became an ongoing joke in the family.

    How far do you travel for the holidays? The furthest you've ever traveled?
    I usually travel back to Florida, where I'm from, for the holidays. It's the best time of year to go—the weather is perfect!

    What's your ideal New Year's Eve outfit?
    My ideal NYE outfit is definitely a pair of printed or embellished trousers, a basic top and a good pair of heels or boots!

    Choose: The Nightmare Before Christmas or the actual night before Christmas?
    Definitely the actual night before Christmas! Christmas day is for the kids, but Christmas Eve is for the adults ;).

    Tell us... what's on your wish list this year?

    SOLD Design Lab Baroque Embroidered Skinny Jean

    SwitchEasy Color iPhone 5 Case

    Wood Wood Lee Hat

    Karaoke Machine

    Matiko Milan Split-Wedge Platform Ankle Boot

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