• The UO Employee Nice List: Geraldine Ruttagah

    Find out what our Urban Outfitters employees are asking for this holiday season!

    Introduce yourself!

    My name is Geraldine and I am the buying operations coordinator in men's apparel. I basically work with the buyers, write orders, work with the vendors, and make sure all the stuff the buyers want to buy gets ordered.

    Say someone was stuck on what to get you for the holidays... can you tell us what your favorite thing in the world is? 
    I have so many favorite things, but one of my all time favorite things is lip balm. I don’t know what I would do without lip balm!

    What's the worst gift you've ever gotten?
    The worst gift is no gift.

    How about the worst gift you've ever GIVEN?
    I am perfect. I never give bad gifts! :)

    If you could go anywhere during the holidays where would you go?
    If I could go anywhere it would be to Tanzania because that’s where my parents are.

    Choose: Your family's home cooking or going out to eat buffet style.
    Definitely my family's home cooking. I hate buffets! Buffet anything gives me major anxiety.

    What's on your holiday wish list this year?