• 'The Office' Comes to the US

    So apparently, comedic geniuses Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have sold the rights to their British cult comedy The Office and it will now be remade in the US. I've checked out the IMDB page to see if there are any actors who could rival the original cast, but found a list of with nobodies, except for the actor Steve Carell (better known as the moronic weatherman in Anchorman) who is set to take Gervais' role as the boss.  

    Truthfully, I think this show will be cancelled after it's first season. America always fucks up shows from the UK and it nearly ruins the originals. There's no way David Brent could ever be topped as the best boss of all time. I mean, this dance? C'mon. Good luck Carell, you'll need it.—Ally