• The Cure "Disintegration"

    The Cure's Disintegration is a major classic. Unfortunately, it has been very hard to find on vinyl for quite a while. Up until now it was only found in specialty shops and online auctions where you'd be lucky if it didn't break the bank. My favorite song on this, the title track, is also one of my favorite songs of all time. I have been into vinyl for a long time, and I can’t explain how relieved I was when I saw that this is available again, and remastered. Vinyl allows this record to breathe; it’s patient and deserves a solid listen through. It is vulnerable and triumphant all at once. It leaves you uncomfortable, but content with that. "Pictures Of You" is transcendent, locked up in time, and it’s almost hard to handle. This reissue is awesome, and it’s presented well with rare photos and lyrics. Whether you’re a seasoned vinyl buyer or new to records, this is an amazing addition to the collection.

    This is a good record for a late night work session or romantic hangout. It is mellow but still upbeat. One of my favorite parts of vinyl is the A/B sides. The A is generally the poppy, upbeat “singles,” and the B is the darker stuff, the “deep cuts.” This is true for this record; the A is gentle and leads you into the B side. Basically you know once you hit the B side, it’s game time, and you can’t click stop. —Corbin

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