• "The Crush" by Lauren Francescone

    Lauren Francescone is an American living in Berlin.  Here we talk about the video she made for our The Crush Video Contest and her luck with love overseas. 

    Introduce yourself as if you were making a singles video ad.

    Tell us about your video making background!
    It started in high school, when I made a documentary with my friend Jamie.

    What are your favorite editing techniques to use in your videos?
    Page Peel is my favorite transition.

    What was the inspiration behind The Crush video you made for us?
    Turning some formal ideas that interested me into something suitable for an Urban Outfitters promotional video.

    Do you have a crush at the moment?
    For how long can I get away with calling it a crush?

    You're living overseas at the moment. What is dating like in a different country?
    Das Leben ist kein ponyhof.

    What are your plans for this Valentine's Day and what will you be wearing?
    Night on the town in my new dress from Urban!

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