• The Best SNL Holiday Skits

    Since its beginnings in the mid 1970s, Saturday Night Live has always been a constant source of holiday humor.  With sketches ranging anywhere from silly impersonations to raunchy dick jokes, they always keep it fresh, funny and filled with gags even your grandma would laugh at.  Here are a few of our favorite SNL skits to get you into the holiday spirit and keep you laughing all the way through the next few weeks of gift-buying hell! -Ally 

    "Christmas Eve at the White House"
    It's Chevy Chase at his finest: impersonating a clumsy President Ford during the very first season of SNL. After knocking over various items and hanging the stockings upside down, he climbs the ladder to add the final ornament to the presidential tree and, of course, falls off into the tree, nearly breaking his neck. This one goes down in history as one of the greatest "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"'s of all time.

    Irwin Mainway
    In this holiday edition of Consumer Probe, Irwin Mainway (played by Dan Aykroyd), President of Mainway Toys, is questioned about his so-called "harmless playthings" such as the totally safe Bag of Glass, which retails for $198. Kid, be careful, broken glass!

    "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood: X-Mas Editon"
    Mr. Robinson got an eviction notice for Christmas and decides to start up an little charity operation of his own—it just involves more taking than giving. X-Mas, X-Con... same thing.

    "Sandler Update Song"
    Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song, which was originally played on Weekend Update, is one of the most famous skits to come out SNL EVER.  I'm pretty sure it made everyone in my Catholic grade school want to convert to Judaism once they found out about the whole eight days of presents things.

    "Schweddy Balls"
    It's The Delicious Dish on NPR's favorite time of year and they've invited the owner of the bakery Season's Eatings, Pete Schweddy, onto the show.  Pete's favorite holiday treat?  His misshapen, oily, and tender Schweddy balls.  Drooling yet?

    "Two A-Holes Buying A Christmas Tree"
    These a-holes know what they want. Wait, no they don't. Wait, babe, they do. A 50ft Christmas tree. And if you don't give them what they want then, well, you look like a rabbit.

    "Dick In A Box"
    I mean, it's Justin Timberlake singing about giving his dick in a box as a present. Do we need to explain any further why this is so great?