• Talkin' Tubes Pt. 2 with Stylist Billy Wonder

    Meet Billy Wonder, the stylist behind the fantastic Maxi Tube Dress photo shoot. We got to talking about cheese curls, the Kardashians and his custom-made version of the dress.

    Introduce yourself! What do you do for a living and what are some of your hobbies?
    Billy Wonder. My job is to elevate you (client, model) and make my muses shine. Fashion is not a hobby it's life. Who has time for hobbies? 

    What are some brands, companies and magazines you've worked for?

    Bobby Whigham—his collection this season is to die for or maybe it's what I am living for! Also, Kalvin Clein, Prado, Chilli from TLC's personal stylist, recently styled Dennis Rodman for his North Korea trip. 

    What was your inspiration for the shoot?
    I treated the model's body as my favorite object: the cheese curl. So crispy, bold, tubular and everyone's favorite guilty pleasure. Finger lickin' good! 

    What accessories would you recommend wearing with this dress?

    Your favorite Beyonce CD. Add some attitude and channel your inner Billy "Sasha Fierce" Wonder. 

    We love the dress with the super high shoes—how come you chose to style the dress with them instead of something like flats?
    Flats? Hell-to-the-no honey! Height and volume ALWAYS!

    Ideally, where should this dress be worn?

    Anywhere from the mall to club. Like missy said, "Get cha freak on." I'm hoping I can persuade Kim Kardashian to have these as her bridal dresses. I think they would be perfect.

    This dress is very high-fashion. How could a girl work this into her everyday attire?
    Everyday is high fashion honey. Where do you live? 

    What kind of activities should you avoid while wearing this dress?
    Corn on the cob and gravity bongs seem like the only limits.

    What celebrities do you envision wearing this outfit?
    All the Ks in Kim's wedding. I also think Amanda Bynes is due for a make over. We're trying to get her in one ASAP.

    True or False: You bought this dress already?
    Luckily, Ryan Hughes made me a custom one inspired by the smell of when the snow falls down in June, Janet's Jackson's "If" video, and Versace circa 1993.