• Surf Daze Interviews: Surf Electric By Bethany Mayer

    Surf Electric by Bethany Mayer is one of the latest labels to be picked up at Urban Outfitters for the Surf Daze Collection. We spoke to Bethany about her love of fluorescent, big waves, and what inspires her everyday!

    Did you grow up surfing? What kinds of things were you wearing?
    I grew up on Lake Michigan in a resort town in the north of Michigan.  Lake Michigan is like an ocean because it is so large and deep, but the waves were not surfable. I grew up snowboarding every day after school in the winter, and boating every day in the summer.  I was very into vintage and my friends and I would go to all the garage sales on the weekends to find the best second hand clothes from the authentic hippies that lived in our town.

    How did Surf Electric begin?
    I began Surf Electric 3 years ago when we opened our Surf Bazaar store in Montauk NY, a little surfing village at the end of Long Island in New York. We wanted to make a collection for all of our fun, fierce, and fabulous girls who enjoy the beach, sun, sand, and surf!

    Walking into your shop, what are we most likely going to hear over the speakers?  Have you seen any new bands you're excited about lately?
    I have a friend who is the most incredible DJ who spun the best set ever at a friends wedding in Jamaica. He made a playlist for the store that is a mix of authentic reggae from the '70s and '80s: Brazilian music, classic rock like Neil Young and current chill music like Toro Y Moi.  My last greatest show was Devendra Banhart in a small bar in Brooklyn!  Amazing!

    Besides Surf Electric, what day to day key clothing pieces from your wardrobe do mix with the line?
    I love to mix vintage pieces that I gather from my travels to beach towns across the world.

    I've seen a few of your embroidered coats with amazing black and white prints. Is this something you're considering branching out with more? Do you design the prints yourself?
    I designed all the prints myself and they are unique to Surf Electric!  I am working to use more prints, but strategically placed on the clothing so to give it a fresh and unique look.

    What are your inspirations for the line each season? I imagine Montauk has a lot to inspire the eye everyday.
    There is endless inspiration in Montauk!  After spending 15 years here, I am still inspired by something new daily.  The lighting here is like non other.  I also borrow from all the beautiful beaches I travel to throughout the year.  My most recent travels to Japan and seeing their surfing community was truly inspiring! Some of my inspiration is photographed above.

    You've said that the colors in the Surf Bazaar flags (inspired by Tibetan prayer flags) are represented by the elements that inspire you: water, sun, and earth. Do you choose the colors for the clothing each season with these colors in mind, the same way some labels only work in black and white?
    Absolutely!  Neon has been in my design "tool-box" for many years—I can't imagine that I will ever let it go—but how and where I use it changes all the time.  The world is made of beautiful colors, why not use them?  It makes us all happy.

    What would you love to do with the next collection?
    I would love to give girls more clothing that they can put on over their suits from the beach, and look cute, comfortable, and ready for fun with their friends.  More color, prints, and interesting shapes. 

    What kinds of things are you doing when not focusing on Surf Electric/Surf Bazaar?
    Surfing, playing with my bulldog Choncho on the beach, and playing with my new vintage sewing machine! Lately I have been doing a lot of Denim repairs on all my jeans, but using fluorescent thread!

    Where would your go-to surfing destination be and why?
    Nicaragua hands down!  It is a beautiful country with the best surf, and more often than not you have the wave to yourself.

    X - Jen

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