• UO Happenings: Northside Recap

    This past Saturday, we made the trek from Philadelphia to Brooklyn for Northside Festival to catch some of our favorite bands playing the Space Ninety 8 stage during the day. The event took place on Bedford Ave., and we were pretty pumped to see the street was closed off and covered in (temporary) grass, which made it perfect for lounging in the sun. After we got our fill of the stage, we made sure to hit up each of Space Ninety 8's For The Record signings, explored the shops along Bedford and admired all the well-dressed Brooklynites, taking Instax pics along the way. Read on for some of our favorite shots and to learn more about the amazing stage our store team built from scratch!

    The stage just starting to come together

    Getting the stage ready the day of the event

    Our finished stage ended up looking incredible and we have our talented store employees to thank for that. Bryan Metzdorf, one of our display artist mentors, told us, "The stage took several weeks to plan; I had to come up with a modular system that could be adapted to the different stage options that were talked about with Northside." Since Bryan hadn't seen the stage beforehand (and knowing that set-up time was limited), he had to come up with a simple stage construction using only triangles made from dowels, eye screws and dichroic window film that changed colors depending on lighting conditions, which was then assembled with zip ties.

    Closeup of the finished product

    Neighbors performing

    Four days prior to the installation, Bryan had a team of seven local UO display artists come out to help with the fabrication and troubleshooting. To ensure a smooth build, the team broke the backdrop into eight large pieces that were easier to handle. "Overall, the display went up pretty smoothly considering all the variables, and the whole team was really excited to see it come together," said Bryan. The finished, seriously impressive product was the perfect backdrop for our performing bands. Seeing the crowd's positive reaction to the stage (and their selfies in front of it) showed that Bryan and his team's hard work didn't go unnoticed.

    Mas Ysa performing on the finished stage

    Stage installation in action

    Top: Space Ninety 8 stage / Bottom: Bedford Ave.

    Top: Loungin' / Bottom: Our first band Teen Girl Scientist Monthly waiting to go on

    Left: Eagulls signing a fan's chest / Right: The best spot to hang

    Top: Views of the city skyline / Bottom: 6th and Bedford

    Top: The cutest bike / Bottom: Eagulls at their For The Record signing

    Left: Checking out the Space Ninety 8 stage / Right: Eleanor Friedberger

    Top: Flowers along Bedford / Bottom: All hands in at Space Ninety 8

    Special thanks to all the bands and store employees who helped make this day a success!