• UO Interviews: New York Stories

    From Bed-Stuy to the East Village, get to know New York City’s new stock of up-and-comers. We caught up with the dreamers and the doers that are bringing the city to life to get a glimpse into their worlds. Photography by Devyn Galindo

    Anna Gray, 25 Editor at Homepolish
    Years in New York: Seven
    My neighborhood: I lived in the East Village for five years but just moved to Chelsea a few months ago.
    I’m originally from New Jersey, moved to France when I was two, then Ireland and Virginia until decamping for NYC at 18.
    My personal style is sometimes tomboy, sometimes girly, sometimes goth chick, sometimes ballerina.
    I’m currently listening to Sia's "Chandelier" on repeat.
    And reading a lot of Joan Didion, some John Updike and every fiction story in my pile of backlogged New Yorkers.
    And seeing: Trying to get to the theatre to see Only Lovers Left Alive.
    Right now I’m working on getting the Homepolish Magazine ready for a July launch! I can’t live without shoes I can walk in, my dog, my MetroCard, the weekend.
    The best thing about New York in the summertime is rooftop BBQs and spaghetti straps.
    I want to be remembered for being smart and funny.

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    Marcel Castenmiller, 27
    Model, Photographer
    Years in New York: Seven
    My neighborhood: Chinatown
    I’m originally from Port Moody, British Columbia.
    My personal style: Jerry Seinfeld.
    I’m currently listening to "Roxanne" by Cable.
    And reading The Face Of Another by Kobo Abe.
    And seeing: Just watched Hitchcock's Psycho this morning.
    Right now I’m working on a zine and a book.
    I can’t live without Ali Michael, my camera, Japanese food, cats.
    The best thing about New York in the summertime is people going crazy!
    I want to be remembered for falling in love.

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    Arpana Rayamjhi, 26 Co-founder of DISPOSE, painter, sculptor, art student at The Cooper Union
    Years in New York: Five
    My neighborhood: I live in Union Square. I like walking around the East Village, Soho, mostly Downtown Manhattan.
    I’m originally from Kathmandu, Nepal.
    My personal style is anything I like and I can afford, clothes that are against the norm. I do not like trends. The ideal situation would be to make my own clothes and shoes–I already make my own jewelry–and wear only that. Nothing that involves fur and exotic animals.
    I’m currently listening to James Blake, always listening to Neil Young, Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Smashing Pumpkins, Bjork and so many more.
    I’m currently reading critiques on Plato and Aristotle, The Communist Manifesto, Theories of Modern Art, Shel Silverstein and Little Mr and Miss books, like Little Miss Naughty, etc.
    And seeing lots of stupid high school movies, some heady movies, following up on Boko Haram, The Guardian and New York Times, internet for my daily dosage of cute dogs and "restoring faith in humanity" videos and funniest game show answers of all time. I'm always looking at feminist theories and finding out about people who do amazing things.
    Right now I’m working on DISPOSE, my senior thesis show at Cooper Union and figuring out what I truly value in life and how I can work towards it. That is the hardest.
    I can’t live without: I do not know. I have never been in the position where I have had absolutely nothing even though I have lost a lot. And living in privileged urban places will make me want to say things like music and art and friends and all, but I think I cannot live without happiness and love.
    The best thing about New York in the summertime is people everywhere (this is both good and bad), lots of things happening. Summer is when New York is at its best but its too short.
    I want to be remembered for: It’s too early to say because I haven't done something radical as yet, besides going against every expectation and criticism and being myself fully.

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    Emily Hope, 28 Photographer
    Years in New York: Five
    My neighborhood: Lower East Side
    I’m originally from London.
    My personal style: I guess I dress quite English. Right now I’m wearing Reebok Classics, black jeans, gold chain, etc.
    I’m currently listening to Telepathe.
    And reading Violence, by Slavoi Zizek.
    And seeing: I don’t have a TV so I don’t watch anything really, but Orange is the New Black is back on.
    Right now I’m working on: I can’t say too much about it, but my friend Jaime Burke and I are starting up a creative agency, and are working on curating an art zine which will feature both our work as well as some other artists too, so I’m excited about that.
    I can’t live without cameras, tea, and my mates.
    The best thing about New York in the summertime is: the rainstorms in the hot weather.
    I want to be remembered for being a good friend and artist.

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    Mike Bailey-Gates Artist
    Years in New York: Three
    My neighborhood: Bed-Stuy
    I’m originally from Rhode Island.
    My personal style is a teenager going to Blockbuster to rent The Labyrinth on VHS.
    I’m currently listening to feral cats in heat.
    And reading It Girl & The Atomics
    And seeing: The new X Men movie looks cool.
    Right now I’m working on plaster molds of a baby I made. Editing videos.
    I can’t live without my friends, Lemonheads, the internet, and Gatorade.
    The best thing about New York in the summertime is a breeze.
    I want to be remembered for change.

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    Ian Bradley, 28 Fashion Stylist
    Years in New York: Nine
    My neighborhood: East Village
    I’m originally from the suburbs of D.C., Sterling, VA.
    My personal style is sporty luxe.
    I’m currently listening to TLC.
    And reading James Baldwin Nobody Knows My Name.
    And seeing old episodes of Sailor Moon.
    Right now I’m working on shopping for Sky Ferreira, getting her ready for her world tour.
    I can’t live without: Currently, rosé, Birkenstocks, and burgers.
    The best thing about New York in the summertime is babes everywhere!
    I want to be remembered for making cute outfits.

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