• Style Icons: Hallie and Annie

    Remember how amazing the Parent Trap with double the Lilo was? SO GOOD, right? To this day I get excited when I run into a British person who has the same kind of accent that LiLo did in this movie. That little gal could act her butt off. Here's how we can emulate her ("their") perfect camp style. —Katie

    Get the look:

    BDG Speckled Raglan Sweatshirt
    Gotta have a green hoodie to help you blend into the trees—don't want the Marvas to spot you when you're setting up that bucket full of chocolate on the front porch.

    BDG Tri-Blend Blocked Pocket Tee
    Classic ringer tee. If only it had a Camp Walden patch on the pocket it would be perfect.

    A Beautiful Life Honey Do Shampoo
    So maybe you want to dump honey on your bunkmate but you don't want to do too much damage. Honey shampoo will sufficiently freak all campers out, but won't force anyone to go out and shave their heads after you dump it all over them.

    Proraso Shaving Cream
    What, you don't use fancy Italian shaving cream in your camp pranks? Get with it.

    Sling King Water Balloon Cannon
    If your stupid frenemy/secret sister is grinding on your last nerve, you'll need to blast her in the face with a water balloon or 10.

    Initial Heart Locket Necklace
    You'll need a BFF twinsie necklace for when you find out that you're actually 100% sister twins and not just, ya know, coincidentally fucking identical. (Seriously, how did no camp counselor call these girls' parents ASAP?)