• Style Icons: Enid Coleslaw and Rebecca Doppelmeyer

    Ghost World is the story of Enid and and Rebecca, two best friends who just graduated high school and are trying to figure out what they're going to do and who they're going to be. In 2001, a movie adaptation was released that starred Thora Birch as Enid and Scarlett Johansson as Rebecca. Read it and watch it. 

    Rebecca is the "skinny blonde WASP" of the pair. As a proper young professional, Rebecca wears a lot of solid separates and buttondown shirts in neutral colors. If you can wear it in an office, Rebecca has it in her closet. Enid, on the other hand, has a carefully curated thrift store style: bright colors, prints, and graphics with some fantastic accessories. I would even argue that sometimes, her outfits are more like costumes: different identities she adopts to face the day. Don't let me analyze Ghost World. We'll be here forever. Christina


    Coincidence & Chance Piped Oxford Shirt
    Piping? So edgy!

    BDG Denim Mini Skirt
    Rebecca wears a lot of mini skirts and shorts. Embrace your legs too. After all, they take you places.

    Filigree Headwrap
    Is a headwrap a hairband or hair jewelry? Doesn't matter, either way it holds back your bangs.

    BDG Classic Cardigan
    Every office you ever work in will be almost freezing. It's pretty much the law. The cardigan is the pinnacle of officewear. 

    Coincidence & Chance Neon Embroidered Party Dress
    Your stupid friend will one day take you to a stupid party where you will be surrounded by stupid middle aged men who know that milk-drinking weirdo. Kill her now before she gets the chance.


    Vintage '60s Mod Floral Coat
    Someone needs to buy me this coat.

    Quay Kittie Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    Enid messes around with the style and make of her glasses, but those suckers stay black.

    Deter Zebra Reflection Tee
    We're being economical here: graphic tee plus zebras.

    Dr. Martens 1460 Boot
    For your 1977 original punk rock look.

    Vintage '50s Striped Sailor Dress
    I wish the pattern were more '70s but it's beautiful and slightly nautical so it's in the blog post!