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Style Icon: Walter White

Breaking Bad is back and it's better than ever! (If you want to talk about that ending last night, email me. I'm mostly not kidding.) Except now we can't stream the entire season on Netflix in one afternoon. How are we supposed to wait a week between shows?! What is this, the Stone Age? While we're all waiting for the new episodes to air, and since we have nothing else to do, like jobs, let's channel Walter White's iconic fashion sense. Maybe it'll help us feel closer to the characters. Plus, he's such a fashionista. —Katie

Fashion inspo:

High drama.

So sassy.

Live, love, laugh.

Get the look:

Hawkings McGill Pinpoint Oxford Button-Down Shirt
Remember, you're an ex-high school teacher, so you want to retain some of that casual cool style. You should probably only ever wear button-downs. It'll make people really confused when you turn out to be a badass drug lord.

Levi's 508 Two-Tone Cougar Pant
Always gotta keep a casual chino khaki. Nothin' too fancy for this meth maker.

Hidden Marble Square Sunglasses
When Jesse is like "MAGNETS? HOW ABOUT MAGNETS? IS ANYBODY LISTENING TO ME?" just pop on these sunglasses while walking away and sighing so everyone knows how over it you are.

Brixton Bison Wide Brim Fedora
When people are like, "Hi, Walter!" you pull out this hat and slap it on your head real quick so they know that they're dealing with Heisenberg, the lean, mean killin' machine and not Walt "I Sold My Company Shares For $5,000 And Now They're Worth 4 Billion, Let's All Cry For Me" White.

Deena & Ozzy Medium Army Duffle Bag
You need a sturdy bag to carry around stacks of cash and stacks of meth. Jesse Pinkman will also need one. Order two.

The Men's Soap Shop Double-Edge Razor
Hair is so passé. Shave it off. Shave it all off.