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Style Icon: Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau wears a lot of belts. He also made the craziest movie ever, The Room. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then please check out some clips on YouTube, specifically this one. His fashion sense and movie sense are obviously impeccable. He's the best! So rad he even made a video for us. And now you, too, can get his look. —Katie

(Photo credit: Heather Leah Kennedy)

Get the look:

Sanded Leather Belt
This belt will go great with any pair of pants.

OBEY Detour Belt
And this belt will go great with that other belt you just put on.

Tiny Dot Belt
And this belt will go great with the other 2 belts you just put on.

Americana Belt
And this belt will be a great touch for Memorial Day because flags!

Dome Studded Belt
Mark is going to be so jealous of your look.

Cheap Monday Flat & Square Sunglasses
"Anyway, how's your sex life?"