• Stoner Style: Ron Slater

    Stoner darling Ron Slater is just fixin' to be a better man, you know? When he's not screaming "SHOTGUN!" at literally every character and talking about how Martha Washington was one hip lady, he's busy doing what he does best: getting fucking wasted in style. Here's how to get Slater's look or at least his stoner vibe. Hazel

    Get the look:

    Dope Tee
    'Cause duh, man. Haha! You know? Like, dope! Hahaha...wait, what was I saying again?

    UO Flecked Chambray Driver Cap
    You cool, man? Like, cool enough for a hip, backwards driver cap?

    Gotta have commuter pants 'cause you're, like, totally going places, man! You know what I mean, dude. 

    Gotta rock Slater's simple, classic black Converse.

    Money Bean Bag
    A sick money bean bag chair to lounge around while your smoke, er, I mean look at your lava lamp. Didja ever, like, really LOOK at a dollar bill, man? There's some spooky shit goin' on there. And it's green, too.