• Style Icon: Ramona Flowers

    In the Scott Pilgrim comics and the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World film, Ramona Flowers is Scott's dream girl. Literally. It's no wonder he soon signs up to fight her seven evil exes. You'd probably do the same to score her wardrobe. Here are some tips in the hope of curbing the senseless violence: Ramona's all about layers and legs, pinks and blues. And giant hammers. Christina

    Get the Look:

    Ecote Classic Surplus Jacket
    For those cold Canadian nights as you travel through subspace.

    Alternative Super Long-Sleeve Tee
    Super long sleeves are for those girls who are always losing their gloves.

    Classic Bob Wig
    Look, I get it. You've been growing your hair out for over a year and you just found a hair color that doesn't wash you out. That's why the good Lord invented wigs.

    Manic Panic Classic Cream Hair Dye
    Go on. Piss off your parents. And look! It's vegan!

    BDG Alexa Mid-Rise Denim Short
    Damn, girl. All that rollerblading has paid off. Flaunt it. Speaking of . . . 

    Moxi Jungle Roller Skates
    Amazon.ca deliveries wait for no man.

    Deena & Ozzy Studded Tassel Crossbody Bag
    Hey, you need somewhere to stash the boyfriend.