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    Style Icon: Prince Stash De Rola

    Prince Stash De Rola is one of those dudes who could have only existed in the '60s, when everything weird was accepted and having a haircut like his was normal and even cool. There's not much out on Stash, aside from one ridiculously in-depth interview with him in the Ugly Things magazine, excerpts of which can be found here (or if you feel like killing your eyes, you can read the whole thing here).

    Just in a coat Brian Jones gave him, NBD.

    Stash was a seriously wacky dude. He grew up in what was essentially a castle? And hung out with The Rolling Stones all the time? And apparently (according to him) like, gave Paul Simon the courage to be a musician? IDK, MAN. Wacky stuff. If you have the time, he's definitely worth reading up on, especially in honor of Brian Jones' recent birthday (February 28).

    BFFs gettin' busted for pot.

    Aside from being besties with The Rolling Stones, he also had impeccable fashion sense. Like, he was rockin' a lot of fancy coats, and it was pretty incredible. Just look at this guy:

    In the back; look at that SUIT

    Overall, Prince Stash is one of the more awesome mystery dudes of the 20th century. He was friends with all the right people, and yet managed to keep himself relatively far from the limelight, something that totally couldn't happen these days, what with the internet and all. Thankfully we can forever peruse these pictures of him with his pageboy hair and paisley coats so we can feel inspired when our Doc Martens and leather jackets just aren't cutting it.—Katie

    Get the look:

    MINKPINK Cruella Faux Fur Coat
    When your real fur from Brian Jones is at the cleaners, you can rock this one. No one will be able to tell the difference.

    Tripp NYC High-Rise Antique Stripe Jean
    Now you just need to find a matching blazer and you'll be good to go.

    Silence & Noise Ex-Boyfriend Blazer

    UNIF Psychic Poncho Cardigan
    You don't even care that this is a lady's cardigan because all you can think about is how good it's gonna look with your striped trousers.

    Ecote Multi-Buckle Pointed Toe Oxford
    Sadly, these don't look exactly like those pilgrim shoes you really want, but they'll do for now.

    Contego Block Sunglasses
    The paparazzi just keep hounding you about the drug bust, ugh. Hide behind these sunglasses and keep it cool, man.

    Speert Fold-Away Comb
    Keep yr pageboy bangs lookin' fresh!