• Style Icon: Nancy Downs (2k13 Reboot)

    I have spent most of my midnights during the last three years trying to summon Manon (no results, YET!), all the while managing my crush on a fictional '90s teen witch: Nancy Downs (played by goth queen Fairuza Balk) from '90s cult classic The Craft.  She is a style icon in her own "Friday the 13th" right.

    If Nancy were to be writing her spells down in a TextEdit instead of a journal, and reblogging Wicca iconography and pictures of dudes via pale blogs on Tumblr, this is how she would probably dress in our cyber-gothic world today! —Alex

    Check out the essential Nancy Downs 2k13 Reboot look!

    Get the look:
    Silence + Noise Blanc Tee Dress
    As a substitute for the school girl skirt, we think that Nancy would like to be comfortable in something more chill while casting hexes on boys in her class.

    Blood red. Need I say more? 

    Platforms instead of oxfords because duh. Futurism!

    Always need to be protected.

    This dark lipstick is already a steal for only four bucks, but that doesn't mean Nancy wouldn't shoplift it anyway.

    P.S Never forget the best lesson she has taught us! We don't need to watch out for any weirdos because, "We are the weirdos, mister!"